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p. André Martins


Abadia da Ressurreição
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Ponta Grossa – Pr




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p. André Martins

Community of Ponta Grossa

The Monastery

The Monastery is located in the city of Ponta Grossa, in Paraná State, in the Campos Gerais region, Paraná, south of Brazil, in a site distant 12 km from the urban zone. The community has about 30 monks. The daily seven offices are celebrated in vernaculum and in Latin.
The sustenance of the monastery comes from the manufacture of liturgical candles, Gregorian chant CD’s, liturgical incense, bakery products and book editions, saled for all the country.
The monastery has a guest house that is very searched by pilgrims, priests and religious that desire realize spirituals retreats with the companion of a monk, participate in the liturgical office and silence.
The Brothers studies are four years of monastic formation, philosophical and theological studies inside the monastery and they edit a monthly periodic with religious and monastic articles, with national circulation.

The History

The Council Vatican II asked the Church to get back to their sources, with this purpose, ten monks (1 monk/Priest, 4 with temporary vows, 4 novices and 1 postulant) leaved the Monastery of Saint Benedict in Saint Paul – Brazil and founded, with the bless and authorization of their abbot, the new monastery dedicated to Our Lord’s Resurrection in July 30th, 1981, in Ponta Grossa’s Dioceses. In the beginin they install thenselves in the Santuary Mother of Divine Grace in a State protect geological site.
Less then five months later the monastery was approved by the Holy See “ad experimentum” for three years, connecting the monastery to the Abbot President of the Brazilian Congregation. In 1983 was initiated the construction of the actual monastery, in a new ground. In 1984 after the conclusion of the “ad experimentun” period, was raised to Simple Priory, dependent of the Abbot President. With the growing of the community, in the Solemnity of Our Father San Benedict in 1987, the Monastery was erected Conventual Priory and named the first prior from August 12th, post occupied until march of 1991, when presented his renounce. In April 17th of the same year, Dom André Martins was elected the Conventual Prior. In August 21st of 1997, by Decree of The Holy See, the Monastery was raise to the condition of Abbey and Dom André Martins was elected the first Abbot.
The Monastery is Pioneer in Brazil to compose Gregorian melodies compositions into vernaculum and in the CD records of Gregorian Chant in Portuguese and Latin that became very well know.
In the year of 1008, the community decided to leave the Brazilian Benedictine Congregation and join the Sublacense-Cassinense Benedictine Congregation, that after the canonical process was incorporate in the Hispanic Province.The Monastery was founded in the rural zone because the possibility to increase the environment of silence and calm, very important to any monastic life. The Monks don’t have external permanent pastoral works, not because they are incompatible with the monastic state, but to accentuate the anachorésis of the community and offer a place for the silence and the nature contact, very important for the peace and prayer. For this reason, with the growing of the city and the urban zone arriving to the monastery side, four years ago the Monastery bought a bigger site, much more distant, in a very rural zone in the Itaiacoca district of Ponta Grossa, at 1100m of altitude, in the top of a mountain, where initiate the construction project of a new Monastery, although the difficulties of this size construction and translocations of the community.

The Activities
  • Manufacturing of candles, incense, bakery products
  • Host of guests and pilgrims
  • Animal breeding
  • Images workshop
  • Gregorian Chant publications
  • Monastic works publications

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